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Never forget again

Once you get used to typing with a wrist rest, you won't be able to ever type again without.

Stay active, be healthy

It does not only look good to have a wooden wrist rest, it also helps to  keep your wrists healthy

Powered by you

The colors are choosen by members of the Geekhack and Reddit mechanical keyboard community.

Multiple sizes

These wrist rests are available for multiple keyboard sizes.


Custom made

The Maker Made Wooden Palmrest, handcrafted by Kayle (a.k.a. Pawnerd) is a support made of smooth oak wood, giving you the opportunity to find the right positioning for your palms to rest. It is designed specifically for use with MasterKeys Pro S but it’s also compatible with with Rapid-I and NovaTouch TKL. The palm support provides comfort to stressed muscles when relaxing and even when typing during hardcore gaming sessions.


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