Wooden keycaps

Wondering how they are made? Watch our video to
see the efforts of a single wooden keycap below.

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Precision tooling

These keycaps are made with the best equipment. Ranging from rough ball nose end mills to 1.1mm diameter flat end mills.


Every keycap takes approximately 10 minutes to machine. After that, we take a close look to see if there were no errors made.

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These keycaps were designed and optimized by feedback from the Reddit mechanical keyboard community.

Cherry MX

These keycaps are made to be fully functional with Cherry MX stems.

A lot of tooling

Here is the video of the keycaps that I make. As you can see, each keycap can take up a lot of time to be produced.


Designed and produced by Redditor /u/Pawnerd, these CNC-milled keycaps are made from the wood of cherry trees. They’re compatible with Cherry switches and come in—surprise!—Cherry profile. Not only do these unique keycaps look and feel different, as they retain the natural grain of the wood, they also sound different—slightly muffled compared with plastic keycaps.

- Designed by /u/Pawnerd
- Material: CNC-milled cherry wood
- Cherry profile
- Cherry MX compatible
- Size: 1u
- Designed for either R1 or R4 

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